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An academic journal was written in 1999 entitled “Midlife Hand Grip Strength as a Predictor of Old Age Disability.” The cohort study was taken by the Honolulu Heart Program and the Honolulu-Asia Aging Study, with the first exam taking place from 1965-1968, the second from 1968-19, and the third and final study from 1991-1993. Initially, […]

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The VariGrip™ hand exerciser has a number of therapeutic applications perfect for physical therapists or regular people trying to continue treatment on their own. There are several different types of hand/grip related ailments and injuries which can be treated with VariGrip Therapy. Arthritis affects 350 million people in the world, most being 65 years or […]

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Musicians do everything with their hands. Whether you are a guitarist, pianist, bassist, drummer, etc… you know how important your “chops” are when it comes to being able to get the sound you are looking for. The VariGrip Sport enables any musician to work on improving their hand strength and dexterity anytime, anywhere. If you […]

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After 8 hours of FortNite grinding, you’ve got yourself 15 solo, ten duo, and 20 squad dubs. You’re feeling accomplished, so you decide to celebrate with a delicious Hot Pocket and a Monster energy drink. As you crack open a cold can, you feel a sharp pain traveling through your hand. You think to yourself, “Is God trying to strike […]

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Traditionally, climbers had to travel far and wide for the next climb. But the question arises, “how can I continue training when I’m not at a crag or a gym?” Fear not, we have put together a list of some essential gear and exercises that will help you train anytime and anywhere. First, let’s talk […]

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In today’s modern technology age, almost everyone has at least one or more mobile device, as well as other smart devices, such as tablets. With the rise and popularity and the ever-increasing use and dependency on these mobile devices comes a slew of overuse injuries involving the fingers, wrist, and thumb, including various tendinitises and […]

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