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Constant Force Products

Constant force products help improve your ability to control the flexion and extension of your hands. Hand flexion and extension (how wide you can open your hands and how tightly you can contract them) are an important part of overall hand health and your grip strength. The movements to control your hands are mostly started in your forearms, but the thin tendons used for stretching and flexing are the only ones that are located in your hand.

Constant Force Products help improve your power grip

Constant Force products help you to work on these tendons, allowing you to improve your power grip, which gives you the ability to carry heavy objects. The power grip is used to hold onto handles, grab heavy bags, or pick up a gallon of water. Having a poor power grip will have a negative impact across many tasks you complete in your daily life, and it also affects your ability to extend your wrists. As your grip force increases, so does the flexion strength of your wrist. Using the Constant Force X-tend allows you to improve your wrist strength and minimize wrist pain.

The patent-pending Constant Force X-Tend maintains a consistent level of resistance throughout the entire hand exercise, which makes it markedly different from other extensor exercises on the market.

Based on Certified Hand Therapist feedback, Constant Force X-Tend is ergonomically designed and works the intrinsic and extrinsic extensors of the hand, and can isolate MP/PIP/DIP joint motion.