Hand and Wrist Strengthening Exercises for Gymnasts

Gymnastics is a sport that requires years of practice, athleticism, dexterity, and flexibility. Seeing gymnasts perform feats of strength and agility has captivated audiences for years, and leaves most of us scratching our heads asking how it’s even possible. Injuries tend to be reasonably common for gymnasts with all of the jumpings, vaulting, and flipping that they have to perform daily. If you happen to be a gymnast, you may be aware of the fact that you are at a higher risk for osteoarthritis and chronic pain due to the amount of stress that you put on your joints, especially your knees and ankles. Aside from the legs, the hands, wrists, shoulders, and elbows also take a beating. 


Like most things in life, “prior planning prevents poor performance.” The good news is that products like VariGrip Sport strengthen your grip as well as your forearms. By building that forearm strength, the wrist will undoubtedly become stronger and more resilient. Use the VariGrip Sport daily and practice flexing each finger to improve overall hand and wrist strength. After a few weeks of using the VariGrip Sport, your wrists and going to feel stronger and more pliable because of the new muscle you’ve been building! 


Bodyweight exercises are another great way to increase overall hand and wrist strength. Pullups and chinups are both classic bodyweight exercises that work much more than just grip and wrist strength. As mentioned previously, the elbows and shoulders suffer as a result of the amount of stress a gymnast regularly puts on them. Both pullups and chin-ups work the elbows and shoulders, as well as the tendons surrounding them. 


Fingertip pushups are a more advanced bodyweight exercise for higher level gymnasts and athletes. To properly perform this variation, the athlete must have total control of his or her’s core, as well as an incredible amount of hand and finger strength. The best part about fingertip pushups is that it provides a way to work both the upper body and the hands at the same time.


After performing these bodyweight exercises, it is important to stretch for maximum wrist flexibility and range of motion. Pulling back your hand by your fingers at a 90-degree angle should pull your muscles and tendons, creating a healthy stretch for maximum longevity. 


Consider adding concentration exercises to your workout program in addition to regular training and the bodyweight exercises above. The best concentration exercise that we can recommend is consistent VariGrip Sport Therapy. Using this product regularly has proven to be the best way to improve your grip, hand, and forearm strength on the go. 


If you have access to exercise equipment, consider supplementing free weight exercises to VariGrip Sport therapy. Strengthening the muscles that surround joints will prevent injury and improve overall performance and athleticism significantly. Forearm curls (obviously) will strengthen the forearm, but will also strengthen the tendons and ligaments which connect the extensor muscle groups, brachioradialis, and flexor muscles to the hand and wrist. 

Working muscle groups that surround joints is something that even non-athletic people should be aware of and actively doing. Building up this flexibility and strength prevents both short and long term injury, as well as a lifetime of comfort and health. Gymnasts put tremendous amounts of stress on their knees from always running and jumping. Squats are compound exercises that will inevitably strengthen the muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee. To prevent injury, a gymnast should probably stick to a lighter weight for a higher amount of reps. Performing these compound exercises with proper form with a rep range of 12-15 will result in denser and more pliable muscle. With dense muscle tissue surrounding your joints, you are sure to have a long and healthy athletic career to look forward to! 

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