Hand Exercises for Football Players

Football is a game of attrition. Every yard you gain is the result of an incredible amount of effort and work put in both on and off the field. Players put in thousands of hours watching film, studying the playbook, and hitting the weight room multiple times a day. For a running back, tight end, wide receiver, or defensive back, hand strength is an integral part of what makes you the complete package. Being able to have solid grip strength comes from hours in the weight room and strength training. The VariGrip is perfect for the on-the-go athlete. Whether you’re in the locker room, watching tape, or in the ice bath, the VariGrip can be used in every situation. 

There are several other types of hand exercises that can be used in combination with the VariGrip. The wrist roller is designed to strengthen the forearms and wrist muscles. It is important to have equally strong wrists and forearms when discussing ball control. Using the wrist roller helps the athlete develop proper coordination of forearm and wrist muscles. 

Reverse curls are another forearm and wrist exercise. You will also find that these curls are great for strengthening grip since you are using gravity to your advantage. Using a curl bar, lower the weight slowly to feel an intense burn in your hands and forearms. You may also experience a slight burn in your triceps as you perform this exercise. 

Another classic method of hand strengthening is rice bucket drills. A wide away of athletes use these rice buckets to help improve grip strength and control. Boxers, mountain climbers, and baseball players all swear to the utility of this simple method. Get a bucket and some fine grain rice, and pour the rice into the bucket. Insert your hands into the bucket and knead the rice until you feel an intense burn in your hands and forearms. 

The art of strength training has progressed leaps and bounds since the time Football started to become popular in the U.S. Modern-day athletes will do anything and everything they need to do to perform better than their competition. Seeing top athletes perform at their peak ability is, and always will be, awe-inspiring. Great receivers know that football is played with the hands, and so do great quarterbacks. 

A quarterback must have perfect form and must know the playbook better than anyone else. Thousands of hours are spent throwing the ball, watching film, working on footwork, and doing special exercises in the weight room. Great ball control starts in the hands. Every quarterback knows the importance of hand position on the ball and how fingers and thumb contribute to throwing the perfect spiral. A product like the VariGrip helps by strengthening the hand that way the quarterback can get a better grip on the ball to throw a better and stronger spiral. 

Whether you are on the defensive or offensive line, the fact of the matter is that you need grip strength to play the game of football. You will find that with the VariGrip your individual finger strength will increase, as well as your range of motion. Any dedicated football player will tell you that the teams who make it to the Super Bowl are made up of guys who simply out-worked the competition. The great thing about this sport is that it’s a complete team effort, and the only way to win is by working together to move the ball. Unlike most hand strengtheners, the VariGrip comes from a family of other products developed by Dynatomy Industries specially made for therapy and athletes. 

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