How to Increase Finger Strength for Basketball

What makes a successful basketball player? Well, there are plenty of answers to that question, the main one being work ethic.  All great players push themselves and their bodies to their absolute limits to get that competitive edge. 

While being able to palm a basketball may not make you the best player on the court, it certainly will help your ball handling. Being able to fake out your defender by palming the ball isn’t something everyone can do, and you’ll certainly turn some heads if you’re able to pull it off. If this is something that you’d like to accomplish then getting stronger hands, wrists, and fingers is the only way to go. Developing strength and strengthening your wrists, hands, and fingers isn’t as hard as it sounds. With products like the VariGrip and exercises that promote strength, you’ll be well on your way.

Hand grippers like the VariGrip are great for grip strength and strengthening your fingers. The VariGrip is made with adjustable resistance levels for each individual push button, that way each of your fingers is getting an equal workout on its own.  Squeezing barbell clamps is one of the most traditional grip strengtheners, and even though it doesn’t target each individual finger, it’s still one of the hardest grip exercises due to the raw amount of poundage you are pressing between your hands.  Rubber bands and rubber balls are some other classic ways to strengthen your hands, but again they don’t work each individual finger.

Improving your overall body strength will undoubtedly improve your finger strength. Fingertip pushups are incredibly hard, but if you are able to execute this advanced form of exercise, you will notice your finger dexterity and strength as a whole.  If you can’t do them initially, try starting on your knees and work your way up to being able to perform the traditional pushup. 

Pinch grip deadlifts are one of the most brutal grip exercises ever known to man. If you thought regular deadlifting was hard, imagine having to do it while only gripping the plates. A good way to ease yourself into doing these is starting by just deadlifting the weight plates on their own. Starting with your feet shoulder-width apart, lift the two plates up from the traditional deadlift position.  If you want a double stress exercise for both the grip and the hamstrings, try it from the Romanian deadlift position.

Most people hate to hear this, but strength training is undoubtedly the best way you are going to improve if you are looking to complete a feat of strength.  This stuff really helps if you’re right hand dominant and looking to get some strength in your weak left hand. As they say: the weights don’t lie.

Kettlebell exercises are another great way to work on your grip strength and your explosiveness. If you play basketball or any other sport, you know how important being explosive is. Kettlebell swings, snatches, pushups, and Turkish get-ups are all insanely hard and grip working workouts.

Even if you’re not interested in palming the basketball, all of the workouts above are sure to improve your hand control when it comes to handling the ball. In addition to dexterity and flexibility, working on this stuff will also improve your dexterity and flexibility. If you end up hurting your hands in any way, this will help your recovery process.

Check out some exercises you can perform with the VariGrip to help you get that competitive advantage here. I hope this helps, and best of luck in your grip strengthening journey.