The Importance of Hand Strength in Sports

Ever since you were a kid, you have been playing sports. As an athlete, you tend to live life with your hands, and everything you do involves hand-eye coordination and strength. So why is it that we never train our hands? We train every other part of our bodies religiously, yet we never train one of the most important muscle groups we have. 

In baseball, hand-eye coordination is one of the most important skill sets an athlete can possess. Baseball players spend hours throwing, catching, batting; all activities which involve a reactionary ability to respond with the hands through sight. Think about pitching. A pitcher spends most of his/her time working on form and accuracy; trying their best to make every pitch reach the catcher exactly how they want it to. All of this being said, the most important part of the pitch is the actual release of the ball from the hand. In order to make the pitch as flawless as possible, a pitcher must think about exactly what type of pitch they are trying to throw in order to perfect the grip which coincides. It is in this instance where hand strength becomes most important. Being able to comfortably grip the baseball in order to throw the perfect pitch is something that every pitcher must have in order to throw consistently in a high-intensity scenario. 

Similarly, when a batter grips the bat, he/she must also think about exactly how they are gripping. Whether or not they need to choke up on the bat, if they are gripping too hard, etc… Hand and grip strength enables the player to comfortably hold onto the bat to make a solid connection with the ball. If your hands are weak, there is no way that you will be able to think about the multitude of other variables at play when at-bat. How are you going to watch the pitches if you are concerned with the comfortability of your hands? Having grip strength also enables a player to use a heavier bat. Obviously, a heavier bat must be wielded by a person who is able to feel comfortable using it and won’t become fatigued after continued use. 

A boxer spends most of his/her time in a gym where he/she works constantly to land the perfect punch. One of the most important aspects of boxing is footwork. Good footwork is important because it sets up a solid base from where the boxer can launch punches that will land effectively. Boxers often use rice buckets to help strengthen their hands so that they can sustain continuous usage. This is one of the best ways to strengthen your hands, but you can’t take it with you when you aren’t at the gym. The beauty of the VariGrip is its portability and utility. You can take it anywhere, and use it at any time. It’s a great product for the athlete who is on the go and wants to improve their game even when they are away from the gym. 

We’ve talked about rock climbing at length on this blog before, but if we are going to discuss the VariGrip in relation to athletes, we need to mention how impactful this product could be for someone who enjoys climbing. Many professional climbers live a nomadic lifestyle; one where they travel the country going from crag to crag to experience every site they can find. For someone living this on-the-go lifestyle, the VariGrip is a product that can be taken everywhere. It’s portable enough to keep in your glove department and durable enough to endure the lifestyle which coincides with the rugged nature of a climber. For more information about the VariGrip use click here

One of the great things about the VariGrip is that this product can be used by anybody. You may be a high school baseball player just trying to improve your hand strength so that you can get a better grip on the bat, or you could be an Olympic javelin thrower who is looking to perfect the art of throwing by gaining hand strength for the sake of control. It doesn’t matter. This product can be utilized by anyone who uses their hands on a day-to-day basis and aims to improve hand and grip strength.