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FiddlLink Fidget Tool: FiddlLink Products

The FiddlLink fidget tool is perfect for people who like to keep their hands occupied, or even people who just want to improve their hand dexterity and overall hand health with a quiet, pocket-size exerciser.

Traditional fidget spinners can keep hands occupied, but they don’t help to improve your hand dexterity or overall hand health. And many people find fidget spinners to be too distracting and disruptive, particularly in classrooms. With a FiddlLink fidget tool, you can still have your hands busy without distracting others nearby with the whirring noise often associated with spinners..

But what if you just want to improve your hand dexterity to help improve your guitar playing or improve your fine motor control? The FiddlLink was designed with input by hand therapists to restore and improve finger function. If you do repetitive motions all day with your fingers, such as typing or even painting, all of that repetitive action can damage your range of motion and lead to pain, discomfort, and fatigue.

These fidget and dexterity tools are

  • virtually silent
  • convenient to keep in your pocket
  • great to connect mind and body
  • developed by certified hand therapists


Using the FiddlLink Fidget Tool