How to Exercise Your Fingers to Improve Grip Strength

Whether you use your hands to type, punch, climb, or dribble, chances are that you use your hands for a significant amount of time every day. Although we use our hands for basically every daily task and activity, most people rarely (if ever) exercise their hands. The VariGrip Sport by Dynatomy was developed to fulfill the demand for a cost-effective and ergonomic hand and finger strengthener that could be used by everyone, no matter what the specific need may be.

How can you improve hand strength and dexterity?

The best way to start to improve finger strength and dexterity is to begin doing so at a young age. When we are young, our hands are still developing and growing. When we stretch at a young age (as shown in the video above) we are preparing our hands for a lifetime of health and mobility. By stretching and exercising your hands with the use of products like the VariGrip Sport, you are preventing hand pain and arthritis in later years of life.

In addition to the VariGrip, there are a number of strength and weight training exercises you can use to strengthen your hands, fingers, wrists. Plate pinches have been around for years, and it is an incredibly easy exercise. Simply squeeze two or more weight plates together so they stay together in your hands, and hold them until failure. If you are going to do plate pinches, make sure to do them over a bench or surface to ensure that you don’t drop the plates on your feet if you end up dropping them.

Wrist curls are another classic way to strengthen your grip. Wrist curls can be performed with either a dumbbell or a barbell. With your palms facing up, raise the weight using your forearms to bring the hands up as much as possible. Then slowly lower the weight back down to the starting point. Wrist curls can be performed in the standing or in the sitting/kneeling position, and they are also a great forearm exercise!

Exercises like these will also help your improvement in other strength training exercises. Whether you are deadlifting, benching, doing pull-ups, having a strong grip will help your stability and control for all types of exercise. For sports like baseball, basketball, throwing, bowling, etc… having a strong grip is massively important in order to successfully perform.

The VariGrip Sport is also a callous builder. If you happen to play guitar or enjoy rock climbing, you know the importance of having strong callouses on your fingertips. For guitarists, those callouses give you the ability to play for longer periods of time without shredding up your fingertips. For climbers, those callouses will enable you to climb for longer periods of time on rougher surfaces.

Importance of overall hand strength.

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It is important to understand that getting your hands as strong as possible is only half of the battle; dexterity is also a key component of hand conditioning. By improving your flexibility, you are also increasing your potential range of motion. Rang of motion will help you stretch your fingers and palms as far as possible. This will help you with things like palming a basketball, holding a baseball bat, gripping a guitar neck, as well as a number of other activities and sports.

Hand and finger strength is something literally everyone can benefit from. Maybe you work at your desk all day typing and you’ve been finding that your hands hurt after a long day at the keyboard, or have been using the jackhammer at the building site. The point is that we all use our hands, so why not commit to keeping them healthy. A combination of weight training and stretching can ensure that your hands will be kept in working order for years to come.