Music: Strength in every strum

Musicians do everything with their hands. Whether you are a guitarist, pianist, bassist, drummer, etc… you know how important your “chops” are when it comes to being able to get the sound you are looking for. The VariGrip Sport enables any musician to work on improving their hand strength and dexterity anytime, anywhere.

If you are a guitarist or a bass player, you know that dexterity, in particular, is the name of the game. Whether you play electric guitar or acoustic, Being able to contort your hand to reach special chord shapes and patterns are key. Obviously, the best way to improve your playing is to simply play guitar, but improving your hand strength will undoubtedly improve your ability. The VariGrip builds finger strength in particular, which is desirable for a number of reasons.

Benefits of Varigrip on musicians.

Firstly, your ability to create vibrato and bend into notes is created solely from finger strength. If your fingers are independently strong on their own, you will find that both your tone and intonation will continue to get better. For faster licks and arpeggios, finger strength is important to develop control and finger speed. The strength you will develop through practice, and use of the VariGrip will make your fretting more accurate, resulting in a more full and complete tone when it comes to these faster passages.

Hand strength and dexterity are also important when it comes to barre and “Hendrix” chord shapes. Being able to stretch your hand around the neck in order to include all notes of the chord is an important skill any rhythm/ lead guitarist should have. With all of this said, there is no better way of improving your playing than practicing.

Varigrip importance for all music types.

As a drummer, hand and finger strength helps for stick control and endurance on the drum set. When your hands are strong, your technique will feel more natural and seamless. Many drummers find that their weak hand (being the left in most cases) will tend to get tired and uncomfortable after an extended amount of playing.

By practicing and using the VariGrip, you will be able to exercise your weak hand and greatly improve your playing stamina no matter what type of grip you use. As mentioned before, finger strength is important for basically every instrument. For faster playing, drummers often use their back fingers to propel the sticks through the usage of smaller muscle groups. To improve these back fingers, exercise one finer at a time to increase individual strength and mobility.

The back two fingers (being the ring and pinky) are naturally weak since most people don’t need to use them often. To strengthen these fingers, practice bouncing the stick between your fulcrum and each individual finger, then take your VariGrip and individually work on strengthening these two fingers in particular.

If you happen to be a pianist, you naturally use your fingers for every part of your playing. The VariGrip will provide you with a means to improve your dexterity and reach. Something that is important to mention when discussing instruments such as piano is the common injuries that often occur.

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As a pianist, you are subjecting your tendons to constant stress and strain, and after years of playing, many pianists tend to experience hand pain.  Often times, you contort your hands to reach black keys and broken chords. Whether you play on a real piano or virtual piano, your hands are sure to experience this type of wear and tear. The VariGrip effectively strengthens your fingers and thumbs so that you maintain your power and range of motion.

The VariGrip could also be used by people who play string instruments such as violin, upright bass, viola, cello, etc. For these types of instruments, tone and intonation are key. By having strong hands and fingers, you will be able to improve your note accuracy as well as your ability to play for long periods. 

If you want a long career of health and comfortable on the keyboard, the VariGrip provides a great way to make sure that you are keeping your tendons and carpals strong and healthy. Being a musician is an ability you can have for your whole life, so don’t let a lack of self-care cut your journey short.