Simple PT Exercises for a Broken Hand

It seems as if everyone hurts their hand at some point or another. Aside from being one of the most painful experiences, it also tends to be one of the most annoying. Things like opening a pickle jar or typing suddenly become impossible feats of strength that are only accomplishable after swallowing your pride and asking for help. After getting appropriate treatment and medical advice from your doctor, it’s time to begin the rehabilitation process. Luckily, there are products like the VariGrip, which are designed to help strengthen the hand and build back muscle. Here are some simple exercises that are going to help the healing process.

Disclaimer: Always talk to your doctor first before starting to use any hand exerciser, if you experience any sudden pain or discomfort while performing these exercises, call your doctor. The main goal in performing these activities is to help rehabilitate the hand, not to further the progression of the injury. Hand injuries are tricky because we’re always tempted to overexert before fully healing. Overexertion will make you significantly more susceptible to longterm issues, so try and take it easy.

Exercise No. 1: Table Wrist Flexion

Before rehabilitating the fingers, it is vital to ensure that you can fully bend your wrist. The first exercise calls for a flat surface like a table or desk where you can rest your elbow and forearm. With your palm facing the floor, slowly bend your hand and wrist up and down. You may feel some discomfort at first, but with regular work and repetitions, you will begin to rebuild a full range of motion. If you happen to feel pain by merely assuming the starting position, practice holding this position until you can comfortably keep your hand straight.

Exercise No. 2: Finger Mobility Exercises

Gaining back full finger mobility is going to be crucial when building back grip strength. The second exercise also calls for a flat surface where you can place your hand. Put your hand on a table or other flat surface with your palm facing downward. Now, gently bend each finger while keeping your palm on the table. Then, repeat the same movement except this time with the back of your hand resting on the surface. Doing this exercise with these two variations will help redevelop the flexibility of your thumb and fingers so that you can start to work through grip strengthening exercises. Skipping this step may cause further injury if you try and jump into training with the VariGrip.

Exercise No. 3: VariGrip Therapy

VariGrip is the perfect way to rebuild hand and finger strength. Unlike other grip exercisers like rubber balls or barbell clamps, the VariGrip provides the user with the ability to adjust the tension of each pusher. As your hand continues to heal, you can increase the amount of pressure by improving each pusher as needed. Practice squeezing the VariGrip with a full range of motion that way you are getting the full effect of the For a variety of VariGrip exercises, click here.

There you go! Make sure to stretch daily by rotating your wrists and straightening your fingers to the best of your ability. Naturally, our hands heal themselves reasonably quickly since we use them more than any other appendage. With these exercises and the advice of your doctor, you are going to have your healthy hands back in no time! If you are still experiencing discomfort after an extended time working on your own, consider working with a physical therapist. They will be able to figure out if there is an extenuating medical circumstance preventing your full recovery.

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