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  • VariGrip Sport:
    VariGrip Sport 10-Piece Counter Top Display Assortment

    VariGrip Sport 10-Piece Assortment with Counter Top Display Fixture


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    VariGrip™ Sport Counter Top Display Assortment is an attractive, effective way to increase sales. Each VariGrip™ Sport display includes 10 units, and 4 signage sticker options to apply to the display. Each VariGrip™ Sport comes with special hang tag packaging that allows demonstration of the product. Each VariGrip™ Sport package includes product information, exercises, and a link to the VariGrip™ Sport exercise page. The VariGrip™ Sport exercise page includes a variety of sports and activities with specific exercises for each that will help improve your game.

    VariGrip™ Sport is the only grip exerciser with patented variable resistance technology, which provides customized conditioning for each individual finger, as well as the hand, wrist and forearm. Ideal for a variety of sports, activities and stress reduction, VariGrip™ Sport’s ergonomic design includes an extra-wide and extra-thick base that opens the palm, addressing the #1 complaint about other grip exercisers.

    Each finger plunger is contoured and padded for additional comfort. VariGrip™ Sport is the only grip exerciser to include a callus builder, which is ideal for sports such as rock climbing, gymnastics, weight lifting, MMA/Jiu Jitsu, and a variety of other sports and activities.

    A great tool for increasing circulation, endurance, dexterity and strength for fingers, hands, wrists and forearms, VariGrip™ Sport’s portable size allow you to exercise anywhere and at any time.

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