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  • VariGrip Sport PRO hand exerciser straight on view
  • Hand pushing two buttons on the VariGrip Sport PRO hand exerciser
  • Hand push button on VariGrip Sport PRO hand exerciser
  • VariGrip Sport PRO hand exerciser callus builder close-up
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  • VariGrip Sport:
    VariGrip Sport Pro: Variable Resistance Hand Exerciser

    9 lbs (4.1 kg) thru 12 lbs (5.4 kg) - Sku: VGSP-PRO


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    The VariGrip Sport Pro Therapy’s hand/wrist/forearm exerciser provides customized resistance for each individual finger. The featured Variable Resistance Technology creates a smooth transition from one resistance level to the next. The VariGrip Sport PRO is ideal for gamers, sports players, office workers and anyone performing repetitive motions on a daily basis.

    • Patented adjustable resistance allows customized conditioning
    • Smoother, more gradual transition between resistance levels
    • Extra-wide, ergonomically designed base/palm bar disperses pressure for maximum user comfort
    • Visual, documentable increments on the side of the resistance adjusters) offer easy identification and measuring baseline as well as progression goals
    • Portable-increase circulation, endurance, dexterity and strength in minutes-anytime, anywhere

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