VariGrip Sport Pro - Variable Resistance Hand Exerciser
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  • VariGrip Sport:
    VariGrip Sport Pro: Variable Resistance

    9 lbs (4.1 kg) thru 12 lbs (5.4 kg) - Sku: VGSP-PRO


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    VariGrip™ Sport PRO is the only hand exerciser with patented variable resistance technology, which provides customized conditioning for each individual finger, as well as the entire hand, wrist and forearm.

    • Increase circulation, resulting in better control and command, giving you a competitive advantage.
    • Extra-wide base disperses pressure evenly and is extremely comfortable.
    • Extra-Heavy to Extra Extra-Heavy Resistance for advanced, professional athletes requiring an extra strong grip.
    • A smarter way to develop strength, endurance, dexterity and circulation.
    • Portable and ergonomic in design, VariGrip™ Sport PRO allows you to work out anywhere, anytime.

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