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  • VariGrip Therapy:
    VariGrip Therapy 7-piece clinic assortment with display: VariGrip Therapy (5 piece clinic set) + 2 VariGrip UNO Thumb/finger exercisers

    5 piece VariGrip Therapy Assortment (Extra-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra-Heavy) +2 VariGrip Uno (Extra Light-Heavy) resistance


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    VariGrip™ Therapy 7 piece clinic assortment includes a 5-pack of VariGrip™ Therapy, plus two VariGrip™ Uno Thumb/Finger Exerciser. The assortment includes an attractive, space-saving counter top display that organizes VariGrip™ products.

    Only VariGrip™ Therapy offers patented, individual resistance adjusters, which provide the ability to customize your hand/finger therapy, and provide smoother, incremental progression between resistance levels. VariGrip™ Therapy’s ergonomic base is extra-wide and extra-thick, which disperses pressure for maximum comfort, and includes contoured, padded finger tips. Special, visual increments located to the side of the resistance adjusters offer easy identification and measuring baseline as well as progression goals.

    VariGrip™ Therapy is available in 5 different resistance levels, including extra-light, light, medium, heavy and extra-heavy. Each VariGrip™ Therapy unit includes adjustment dials for each individual finger. As a result, each VariGrip™ Therapy unit is the equivalent of 2 competitor grip exercisers.

    VariGrip™ UNO is the only thumb/finger exerciser featuring patented variable resistance technology, providing customized resistance for both flexion and extension of the thumb or any individual finger, thus improving strength, endurance, circulation and range of motion more effectively. The patent-pending design is ideal for rehab/therapy, as well as for improved range of motion for gaming, texting, office/mouse finger pain, and the general health of fingers and/thumbs.

    VariGrip™ UNO’s adjustable resistance (from extra-light thru heavy), provides gradual progression based on your needs. Ergonomically designed for easy grip and extra comfort, VariGrip™ UNO includes stabilization points to prevent shifting when in use. The extra stability allows you to improve strength, endurance, circulation, dexterity and range of motion more effectively. VariGrip™ Therapy includes visual, documentable notches allow therapists to create a baseline as well as better track progress.

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