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  • VariGrip Therapy:
    VariGrip Therapy 8 piece Clinic Assortment with display-5 VariGrip Therapy +1 VGU +2 Constant Force Xtend

    5 piece VariGrip Therapy Assortment (Extra-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra-Heavy) +1 VariGrip Uno (Extra Light-Heavy) resistance + 2 Constant Force Xtend Extension Exercisers


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    Dynatomy’s 8-piece clinic assortment with display is the most complete assortment of hand therapy products for your clinic!  The assortment includes the following:

    ·       5-piece clinic assortment of VariGrip™ Therapy grip exercisers, ranging from extra-light thru extra-extra heavy resistance.

    ·       One VariGrip™ Uno Thumb/Finger Exerciser: extra light thru heavy resistance

    ·       Two Constant Force XTend extension exercisers: light and medium resistance

    ·       Space-saving, attractive display unit.

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