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Gymnastics is a sport that requires years of practice, athleticism, dexterity, and flexibility. Seeing gymnasts perform feats of strength and agility has captivated audiences for years, and leaves most of us scratching our heads asking how it’s even possible. Injuries tend to be reasonably common for gymnasts with all of the jumpings, vaulting, and flipping […]

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Most people don’t realize how important dexterity is when it comes to their hands. Dexterity is having very well-tuned fine motor skills, specifically in the hands. Having dexterous hands means that every day you wake up without any hand pain or discomfort, and you can perform most tasks with reasonable ease and comfort. Hand dexterity […]

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Whether you use your hands to type, punch, climb, or dribble, chances are that you use your hands for a significant amount of time every day. Although we use our hands for basically every daily task and activity, most people rarely (if ever) exercise their hands. The VariGrip Sport by Dynatomy was developed to fulfill […]

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Musicians do everything with their hands. Whether you are a guitarist, pianist, bassist, drummer, etc… you know how important your “chops” are when it comes to being able to get the sound you are looking for. The VariGrip Sport enables any musician to work on improving their hand strength and dexterity anytime, anywhere. If you […]

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