Gaming: How to improve accuracy, endurance, and prevent injury.

After 8 hours of FortNite grinding, you’ve got yourself 15 solo, ten duo, and 20 squad dubs. You’re feeling accomplished, so you decide to celebrate with a delicious Hot Pocket and a Monster energy drink. As you crack open a cold can, you feel a sharp pain traveling through your hand. You think to yourself, “Is God trying to strike me down? Have I become too powerful?”

Unfortunately not. You probably either have carpal tunnel or tendonitis, which could cause excruciating amounts of hand pain which could ultimately bring an end to your decorated gaming career. With the help of the VariGrip, you can breathe easy knowing that future dubs are on the horizon.

What can VariGrip do for you? 

By exercising your hand with the VariGrip, as well as other Dynatomy products like the VariGrip Uno and Constant Force, you will be able to keep your hands and fingers dexterous, so you can continue to dominate either solo or with your friends. The Varigrip grip exerciser and other  products can be found here:

    You may even find that hand exercises may improve your game overall. Your increased strength, flexibility, and range of motion could potentially improve your mouse/controller accuracy and your ability to play for more extended periods.

Think about it. Athletes put tremendous stress on their bodies so that they can have more intense exercises for more extended periods. Your hands are just like every other part of your body; they have muscles which can be conditioned and trained. So if you are gaming on a high level, it may be worth it to invest in some equipment which will undoubtedly condition your fingers and thumbs.

Why Professionals use VariGrip?

  For professional gamers, this may be the competitive advantage you are looking for. When you are competing at the highest level, every player knows all the locations and has an incredible aim. At this point, the only way to improve is to strengthen your body and mind.Gaming: How to improve accuracy, endurance, and prevent injury.

Things like sleep, diet, and exercise all directly impact our awareness and brain function, which will also ultimately affect your playing ability. The VariGrip is a product that will ultimately make your hands more controlled and help improve accuracy whether you use a mouse or controller.

Obviously, the best way to improve accuracy is by playing the video game. In competitive shooters such as Counter-StrikeOverwatchLeague of LegendsCall of Duty, and Fortnight players need to be extremely accurate in order to take down their opponents as quickly as possible. Many players put in thousands of man-hours into improving their game. Some prefer to play alone, while others improve with their friends.

There comes the point where you get so engrossed in the game that you forget about your physicality. You are a human, and as a human, your body may experience exhaustion or injury. It is essential to take care of yourself during these long stretches of gaming. Maybe take your dog out for a walk, or simply take a ride to the convenience store. The bottom line is that you can’t forget about yourself amid your focus. This is why gamers experience injuries such as:

  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Tendonitis 
  • Thrombosis

All in all, video games are all about fun. Enjoy the time you spend and enjoy those periods of self-care. That being said, if you choose to take this pastime seriously, you should consider all aspects of what you are setting out to do by putting in a tremendous amount of time playing video games. What is your goal? Is it still just for fun, or are you thinking of going somewhere with this?

With the arrival of ESports and professional gaming, there are people out there who are making decent living playing video games, and it’s only getting increasingly popular. If you choose to take it seriously, choose also to take your physical and mental health seriously as well (remember that people do get addicted to video games.) So have fun, play on, and don’t forget to keep yourself happy and healthy!